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Unique first party insights on user demographics, interests and affinities.

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Likewise is solving a crisis of discovery with daily entertainment recommendations, personalized to each users unique tastes. Users trust Likewise to help them find the content they’ll love.

That’s where you come in! Align your brand, product or service with the entertainment they love. Each partnership is highly customized and catered to deliver on your unique marketing needs.

Likewise has 600M+ data signals on what users are reading, watching and listening to.


58% of users read or listen to 20+ books per year

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25% of users subscribe to 6+ streaming services


45% of users are regular podcast listeners

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Our first party data give us unique insights into demographics, interests and affinities. And our customized approach gives us the ability to target any audience, and align any brand or product or service with our entertainment focused content. Whether you are a financial service, gaming, telco, travel or CPG we want to work with you! Ask us how we can help.

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Likewise users are youthful, tech-savvy trendsetters. With Likewise you reach consumers who will also influence others.

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