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AwardsJan 24, 202310 min

Oscars Nominations 2023 Announced - Full List

The Academy has announced the 2023 Oscar nominations which include 'Avatar: The Way of Water,’ ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ & more.

By John Farrar

The 2023 Oscars nominations are in; read more to see every movie nominated for an Academy Award this year.
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The 95th Acadamy Awards nominations were announced this morning by actors Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams. The Oscars are America’s most prestigious awards for outstanding cinematic achievements. Assessing both artistic and technical merit, The Oscars honors the year’s most exceptional, innovative films.

Viewership of The Oscars has declined year by year as movie theaters have struggled to stay open and streaming services have risen in prominence. But this year, things feel different. The awards are filled with major blockbuster successes like Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water, as well as inspiring comeback stories from Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan who have both been out of the limelight for many years. The pop-culture community has rallied behind these incredible stories told in 2022, making me believe a resurgence in viewership is bound to happen in 2023.

Every year at The Oscars there are standout performances, surprising nominations, and movies that were outright snubbed. 2023 is no exception. The mind-bending multiversal adventure Everything Everywhere All at Once led the pack with 11 nominations (tied for the second most of all-time beside The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King), followed closely by All Quiet on the Western Front, a tragic anti-war film set in World War I (based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque), and The Banshees of Inisherin, a tale of two lifelong friends falling out of friendship amidst the Irish Civil War.

Jimmy Kimmel will be returning as host of the award show for the third time. The awards can be watched live on ABC on Sunday, March 12th at 8:00 pm EST. If you subscribe to one of the major live TV networks (Spectrum, Xfinity, Hulu Live TV, YouTubeTV, etc.) you can watch on and with the ABC app by linking your provider.

Take a look at the complete list of nominations to see which of your favorite movies of the year earned the recognition they deserve. Stick around to the end of the article for our reaction to the nominations and which actors we think were snubbed of a nomination this year.


  • All Quiet on the Western Front (Produced by Malte Grunert)
  • Avatar: The Way of Water (Produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau)
  • The Banshees of Inisherin (Produced by Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin, and Martin Mcdonagh)
  • Elvis (Produced by Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Gail Berman, Patrick Mccormick, and Schuyler Weiss)
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once (Produced by Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, and Jonathan Wang)
  • The Fabelmans (Produced by Kristie Macosko Krieger, Steven Spielberg, and Tony Kushner)
  • TÁR (Produced by Todd Field, Alexandra Milchan, and Scott Lambert)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Produced by Tom Cruise, Christopher Mcquarrie, David Ellison, and Jerry Bruckheimer)
  • Triangle of Sadness (Produced by Erik Hemmendorff and Philippe Bober)
  • Women Talking (Produced by Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Frances McDormand)


  • Austin Butler (Elvis)
  • Colin Farrell (The Banshees of Inisherin)
  • Brendan Fraser (The Whale)
  • Paul Mescal (Aftersun)
  • Bill Nighy (Living)


  • Brendan Gleeson (The Banshees of Inisherin)
  • Brian Tyree Henry (Causeway)
  • Judd Hirsch (The Fabelmans)
  • Barry Keoghan (The Banshees of Inisherin)
  • Ke Huy Quan (Everything Everywhere All at Once)


  • Cate Blanchett (TÁR)
  • Ana De Armas (Blonde)
  • Andrea Riseborough (To Leslie)
  • Michelle Williams (The Fabelmans)
  • Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All at Once)


  • Angela Bassett (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • Hong Chau (The Whale)
  • Kerry Condon (The Banshees of Inisherin)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis (Everything Everywhere All at Once)
  • Stephanie Hsu (Everything Everywhere All at Once)


  • Martin McDonagh (The Banshees of Inisherin)
  • Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (Everything Everywhere All at Once)
  • Steven Spielberg (The Fabelmans)
  • Todd Field (TÁR)
  • Ruben Östlund (Triangle of Sadness)




  • Babylon (Mary Zophres)
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Ruth Carter)
  • Elvis (Catherine Martin)
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once (Shirley Kurata)
  • Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris (Jenny Beavan)




  • The Banshees of Inisherin (Mikkel E.G. Nielsen)
  • Elvis (Matt Villa and Jonathan Redmond)
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once (Paul Rogers)
  • TÁR (Monika Willi)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Eddie Hamilton)



  • All Quiet on the Western Front (Heike Merker and Linda Eisenhamerová)
  • The Batman (Naomi Donne, Mike Marino, and Mike Fontaine)
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Camille Friend and Joel Harlow)
  • Elvis (Mark Coulier, Jason Baird, and Aldo Signoretti)
  • The Whale (Adrien Morot, Judy Chin, and Anne Marie Bradley)


  • All Quiet on the Western Front (Volker Bertelmann)
  • Babylon (Justin Hurwitz)
  • The Banshees Of Inisherin (Carter Burwell)
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once (Son Lux)
  • The Fabelmans (John Williams)


  • “Applause” from Tell It Like A Woman (Music and lyrics by Diane Warren)
  • “Hold My Hand” from Top Gun: Maverick (Music and lyrics by Lady Gaga And Bloodpop)
  • “Lift Me Up” from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Music by Tems, Rihanna, Ryan Coogler, and Ludwig Goransson; lyrics by Tems and Ryan Coogler)
  • “Naatu Naatu” from RRR (Music by M.M. Keeravaani; lyrics by Chandrabose)
  • “This Is A Life” from Everything Everywhere All At Once (Music by Ryan Lott, David Byrne, and Mitski; lyrics by Ryan Lott and David Byrne)


  • All Quiet on the Western Front (Christian M. Goldbeck; set decoration by Ernestine Hipper)
  • Avatar: The Way of Water (Dylan Cole and Ben Procter; set decoration by Vanessa Cole)
  • Babylon (Florencia Martin; set decoration by Anthony Carlino)
  • Elvis (Catherine Martin and Karen Murphy; set decoration by Bev Dunn)
  • The Fabelmans (Rick Carter; set decoration by Karen O'hara)




  • All Quiet on the Western Front (Viktor Prášil, Frank Kruse, Markus Stemler, Lars Ginzel, and Stefan Korte)
  • Avatar: The Way of Water (Julian Howarth, Gwendolyn Yates Whittle, Dick Bernstein, Christopher Boyes, Gary Summers, and Michael Hedges)
  • The Batman (Stuart Wilson, William Files, Douglas Murray, and Andy Nelson)
  • Elvis (David Lee, Wayne Pashley, Andy Nelson, and Michael Keller)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Mark Weingarten, James H. Mather, Al Nelson, Chris Burdon, and Mark Taylor)


  • All Quiet on the Western Front (Frank Petzold, Viktor Müller, Markus Frank, and Kamil Jafar)
  • Avatar: The Way of Water (Joe Letteri, Richard Baneham, Eric Saindon, and Daniel Barrett)
  • The Batman (Dan Lemmon, Russell Earl, Anders Langlands, and Dominic Tuohy)
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Geoffrey Baumann, Craig Hammack, R. Christopher White, and Dan Sudick)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Ryan Tudhope, Seth Hill, Bryan Litson, and Scott R. Fisher)


  • All Quiet on the Western Front (Edward Berger, Lesley Paterson, and Ian Stokell)
  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (Rian Johnson)
  • Living (Kazuo Ishiguro)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, and Christopher Mcquarrie; story by Peter Craig and Justin Marks)
  • Women Talking (Sarah Polley)


  • The Banshees Of Inisherin (Martin Mcdonagh)
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert)
  • The Fabelmans (Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner)
  • TÁR (Todd Field)
  • Triangle of Sadness (Ruben Östlund)

There you have it! That is every nomination for The Oscars in 2023. If you want to add any of these shows or movies to your watchlist, check out our complete list here: The Oscars Nominations 2023.

What a year for cinema! It’s great to see Paul Mescal receive the recognition he deserves as one of Hollywood's most captivating new stars. After his role in Normal People, I became an instant fan. It’s also genuinely shocking that Decision to Leave did not receive a nomination for Best International Feature. In my opinion, Decision to Leave was a clear winner in nearly every technical aspect of filmmaking (cinematography, directing, editing, sound design, etc.) and it’s a shame that Park Chan-wook didn’t get a nod, especially after winning Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s surprising to see Ana de Armas receive a nomination for Blonde considering how many people genuinely hated that movie. In fact, Blonde was just nominated for eight Razzies—the parody award show dedicated to highlighting the worst films of the year…

A film that was also snubbed of praise is Jordan Peele’s newest alien thriller movie Nope. Despite Peele’s first two films receiving praise from critics and fans, there was quite a bit of contention surrounding the strength of his newest film. While I loved Nope and think both Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer deserved an Oscar nomination, I can see how this unorthodox approach to an alien story might not resonate with all viewers.

How to watch The Oscars in 2023

The 2023 Oscars award ceremony will be available live on ABC at 8:00 pm EST on Sunday, March 12th. To stream online, link your TV provider (Spectrum, Xfinity, Hulu Live TV, YouTubeTV, etc.) to or via the ABC app.

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